Yes, yes they do!  Yukon Girls are amazing women, teens, and little ladies.  Don't let the word "ass" offend you as it's meant as compliment to those that live and love "The Yukon Life".


These ladies are get-er-done and not much gets in the way of a successful Yukoner woman!


These are not just for women to wear guys!  Got a Yukon woman at home you're proud of...these come in mens sizes too!


There are two color options for the logo but a note of caution.  The "Yukon Girls Kick Ass" in black will not be able to be seen on dark colored fabric.  Alternatively, the white logo will not show up on white or light colored fabric. 

Hoodie - Yukon Girls Kick Ass

  • Though most of our products are a blend of cotton and polyester and generally don't shrink much, you should hang your Yukon Life gear up to dry rather than tossing it into a hot dryer. 

    Alternatively, you can put in on a cooler dryer setting and you should be good to go. 

    Shrinkage may happen due to the heat and not the cold :) but as the hoodies and sweatshirts are a cotton/poly blend it shoudn't be too much.  T-shirts are 100% cotton as they will shrink on high dryer heat.

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